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How do you clear disk space on a PlayStation 4?

clear disk space on a PlayStation 4
Clear off: free space for more games on your PS4

With a standard-sized 500GB hard drive and games chewing up 40GB or more, running out of space on a PlayStation 4 is almost inevitable. If replacing your hard drive with something larger isn’t an option, then you may need a clear out. So how do you clear disk space on a PlayStation 4?

Here are three easy ways to free up space:

Delete apps or games on PS4

Removing games that you’re not actively using can yield big results. Game saves will be retained so a later re-install should put you back exactly where you left off.

  • Highlight the game or app in question and press the Options button on your controller
  • Select ‘Delete’ and confirm that you do wish to delete it
PlayStation 4 screen

That’s it. Free space ahoy!

Delete Capture Gallery on PS4

Any screenshots or video clips that you save via the Share button on your controller can be accessed via the Capture Gallery app.

This shows you a folder for each game and, drilling down, you can see either videos or screenshots. Highlight any folder (top level or further down) and press the Options button on your controller.

PlayStation 4

You now have two options:

  1. Delete
  2. Copy to USB Storage Device

The latter is great if you want to keep anything – plug a USB memory stick or hard drive into the PS4 and then use it to make a copy. You’ll need to use the delete option afterwards to erase it from the PS4.

Delete saved game data on PS4

Games will automatically save player data to your hard drive. However, even if you delete a game from your console that data will still be present.

To delete a game’s data:

  1. Head to Settings  > Applications Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Delete
  2. A list of the games that have saved data will then appear
  3. Click into any game to view all the saved game files
  4. An option on the right-hand side allows you to “Select All” – a button marked “Delete” will then appear
  5. Alternatively, at point 2, press your Options buttons and then choose “Select Multiple Applications”. You can now select any games that you wish to delete all data for
PlayStation 4

When you get to the “Saved Data in System Storage” menu, there is an option named “Copy to USB Storage Device”, that will allow you to save your game data to a memory stick or external hard drive. You will then need to delete it to remove it from your PS4.

If you have PlayStation Plus membership then these game saves will be automatically backed up to the cloud. If you re-install the game at a later date you can then download the matching data from the cloud.

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