How do you delete YouTube history?

delete YouTube history
Video nightmare: remove unwanted clips from your history

During a recent family holiday, my daughter, bored one morning before breakfast, asked to borrow my phone so that she could watch videos on YouTube. Now my account has been plagued by recommendations for nine-year-olds.

So, how do you delete YouTube history and, hopefully, restore some sanity to your recommendations?

Delete YouTube history via the website

  • Head to the YouTube site
  • Click on History in the left-hand menu and this will list you video history
  • Hover over a video and an X will appear in the top right-hand corner of the description to the right of it
  • Click on the X to remove the video from your viewing history

Delete your viewing history with the YouTube App

  • Ensure the Library tab is selected at the bottom of the app screen
  • Click on History
  • A list of your video history will be shown. Swipe any to to the left to reveal an option to Remove
  • Click this to delete the video from your history

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