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Where are my Amazon reviews?

Amazon reviews
Write on: we help you find your Amazon reviews
Amazon is always very keen for us to review products that we buy (although be wary of potentially fake reviews), but finding Amazon reviews at a later time is more difficult than it should be. Even going into your Account screen, there are no links to it. Here is how to find your reviews:
  • When you sign into you should see a personalised link just under the Amazon’s search bar – in my case it says “David’s Amazon”. Click on that
  • Now click on the link at the top to “Your Public Profile”
  • As well as listing all your reviews, this also shows you the profile that other customers can see
  • Click on the three horizontal dots next to any review to edit or delete it
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David Artiss

Currently working for a technology company based in San Francisco, David has worked in IT for nearly 30 years. He is a keen gamer and happily admits to being a gadget nerd too.

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