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How do I stop LinkedIn emails?

Stop LinkedIn emails
How to stop the flood of messages...

LinkedIn can be a great resource. Less useful are the “Congratulate so-and-so on their work anniversary” and “Such-and-such added connections you may know” notifications the site spams you with every day. But you can easily end the horror: here’s how to stop LinkedIn emails.

How to stop LinkedIn emails

First, sign into LinkedIn. Once you’re on the homepage, click on the “Me” dropdown menu at the top (it’s beneath a small thumbnail of your profile picture). Select Settings & Privacy.

Irritatingly, this will generate a new browser tab. Underneath a bold header saying “You’re the boss of your account” (thanks LinkedIn!), select the Communications tab on the far right. 

Stop LinkedIn emails

Once you’re in the Communications section, it’s time to change the number and frequency of emails you receive. Scroll down to the Channels sub-heading and click “Change” next to Email Frequency.

Stop LinkedIn emails

This will bring up a checkbox list of all the types of LinkedIn email. If you want the nuclear option, simply uncheck them all. 

Stop LinkedIn emails

However, you may want a more nuanced approach. Clicking on each option will generate a further list of tickboxes; we recommend going through each carefully to cut out the fluff. For some of the options, there’s a further dropdown option that will let you dictate whether you receive emails on a weekly or daily basis.

Stop LinkedIn emails

Congratulations, you’ve taken back control! But the fun doesn’t stop there: you can also change the notifications you receive within LinkedIn itself by going back to the Communications tab and selecting “Notifications on LinkedIn”. This will take you to a less swish settings page:

Stop LinkedIn emails

Again, it’s now a matter of going through each notification type and toggling the sliders. You may want the first casualties to be the “Activity in your network” notifications…

Stop LinkedIn emails

How do I stop LinkedIn emails in the app?

If you’re using the LinkedIn app, all of the options outlined above can be found by tapping your headshot in the top-left of the screen and then the setting cog in the top right.

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