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How do I watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K Ultra HD?

Watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K Ultra HD
You've got the 4K TV, but do you have the internet speed?

With four times the resolution of standard Full HD, Ultra HD (also known as 4K) allows you to enjoy every single sinew of your favourite TV programmes and films. However, there are a couple of hurdles to conquer first. Here’s how to watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K Ultra HD.

If you’re wondering how Ultra HD compares to other resolutions, read our our guide to the various options. In a nutshell, Ultra HD screens measure 3,840 pixels across and 2,160 pixels tall, meaning they have four times the pixels as a Full HD (FHD) screen – hence the 4K.

Second, is watching Amazon Prime Video in 4K Ultra HD easy to do? In a word, absolutely – if you have the kit. While it’s not quite as easy as the process for Netflix, Amazon has a decent selection of UHD programming that’s either bundled into your Prime membership or available to rent and buy.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K Ultra HD

To make the jump to a pin-sharp picture as easy as possible, we’ve broken down the setup process into bite-sized chunks.


Before you even think of perusing Amazon’s treasure trove of content, you’ll need to invest in the right 4K hardware. The firm calls these “supported devices” and, handily, includes a full list online.

– Amazon Fire TV (2nd Generation)

– Samsung Ultra HD TVs (2014 or later models)

– Sony Ultra HD TVs (2014 or later models), and Sony Xperia XZ Premium mobile devices

– LG Ultra HD TVs (2014 or later models)

– Vizio Ultra HD TVs (2014 or later models)

– Xbox One S

If you don’t have one of the above, you won’t be able to watch The Grand Tour in 4K. Then again, how close do you want to get to Jeremy Clarkson’s face?

Internet speed

But there’s more. As well as having the right gear, you’ll need a broadband download speed of at least 15Mbits/sec. Most people should be able to reach that benchmark, but it might be worth running a test to make sure.

The one I use is Speedtest by Ooka. Simply follow this link and press the big “Go” button to see if you’re UHD-ready. As you can see from the screenshot below, you’ll be able to watch as a neon speedometer measures your download speed in a few seconds.

Watch Amazon Prime Video in 4K Ultra HD

Finding UHD TV programmes and films

This is where you may be disappointed. Once you’re set up with a 4K TV, an “Ultra HD category” will appear on the homescreen – but, as Amazon admits, it’s quite limited for the time being: “We’re continuing to expand our selection of 4K Ultra HD movies and TV shows, but not all Prime Video titles are currently available in this format”.

However, you will still be able to enjoy a handful of the newest TV programmes and films in UHD splendour, and there’s a growing collection of 4K films you can buy or rent here.

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