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“This title is no longer available” on my Amazon wishlist – but what was it?

title is no longer available
Where's it gone? Sometimes wishlist items disappear

You’ve added an item to your Amazon wishlist and, when you return to the list later, it’s now saying “This title is no longer available”. The image and description is blank, links don’t work and you can’t, for the life of you, remember what it actually was. Isn’t that just a bit annoying?

Here’s what it may look like…

But there is a way to find out what the item was and I’ll use the above as an example.

There is one link that is active – the option to add a comment, quantity and priority. Right click on it and select “Copy link” (or however your browser words it). Now, paste the result somewhere you can read it – the Notepad app in Windows, for example.

In my example, I got this URL…

The important part of that URL is what follows &asin= and before the next ampersand (I’ve highlighted it for clarity), as that’s the product code. In this case it’s B01C6XRPWE.

Google this code and see what comes up – chances are you’ll get results from Amazon UK which, if you click into, will show the product as missing. What you will have, though, from the Google results are details of what the product WAS. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find links to where it’s still sold, which will give you further information.

In my example, I can see that it was Nuolux luggage tags. Ah, yes, I remember them now. So I searched for this description in Amazon and found a very similar product (if not the same – it’s hard to tell now) was available from the same manufacturer…

I’ve now added those to my wishlist as a replacement.

Of course, it would be a lot easier if Amazon automatically shows alternatives but, for now, this is a quick and dirty solution.

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