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How do I delete my Amazon Prime Video viewing history?

Delete Amazon Prime Video viewing history
It's time to bin those binges

Let’s face it, there are times when you want to indulge that guilty pleasure and watch five series of Ex On The Beach in one sitting. But how do you hide the evidence? Here’s how to delete your Amazon Prime Video viewing history. 

Important note: you will have to delete your viewing history via a desktop browser as, irritatingly, there’s no option to do so via the smartphone, TV or tablet app. These apps do contain a “Clear Video Search History” tool in the Settings menu, but that won’t be nearly enough to cover your viewing tracks. It’s another area where Amazon lags behind Netflix

Delete Amazon Prime Video viewing history

If you haven’t already, log into Amazon. Next, head to the Prime Video homepage. Once there, click on Settings in the top-right of the screen. 

Delete Amazon Prime Video viewing history

Select the Watch History tab – the furthest on the right – and then click the “View Watch History” button (again, I’m not sure why Amazon doesn’t just include a full list here à la Netflix. I’ll get on the phone to Bezos). 

This will bring up a, probably incredibly long, list of everything you’ve ever watched via the streaming service. Weirdly, this section of the site looks a lot more dated than the rest…

Delete Amazon Prime Video viewing history

Then it’s simply a case of scrolling down through the list and clicking the “Remove this from watched videos” link under each offending item. Unlike Netflix, there’s no date next to each TV programme of film. 

Annoyingly, you can’t bulk-select items so it could be quite a lengthy deleting session if you’ve done nothing but watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians for six weeks.

Handily, you can also check the “Don’t use for recommendations” box if, for whatever reason, you’d rather not delete the listing – but don’t want to watch anything like it ever again. 

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