The BTQ Christmas Tech Quiz 2018

Christmas Tech Quiz
Think on: can you get all 15 questions right?

We’ve spent the past year answering your questions, it’s about time you had a go at answering ours! Yes, it’s the first ever BTQ Christmas Tech Quiz.

We’ve got 15 tech-related questions for you to answer. See how many you can get right and then share the quiz with friends and family to see if they can beat your score.

No Googling. Good luck!


Well done, you’ve got your geek badge. Perhaps you should be writing for us?

Bad luck. New Year’s Resolution: pay more attention to Big Tech Question.

#1. What does USB stand for?

#2. Google announced the closure of which service in 2018?

#3. What is the second most-used web browser on desktop computers in November 2018, according to

#4. XPS is a range of laptops sold by which company?

#5. Which of these people is the CEO of Google?

#6. How big is the screen on the iPhone XS Max?

#7. What’s the maximum height you’re allowed to fly a drone in the UK?

#8. In what year was the original Xbox console launched?

#9. What does HDMI stand for?

#10. Which of these is NOT an Amazon Echo device?

#11. The process of installing an app on an Android phone without downloading it from the Google Play Store is known as:

#12. Fortnite Battle Royale became massive in 2018. But what is the game’s other mode called?

#13. Which company makes the Hue range of smart lights?

#14. Which of these is the logo of phone maker Huawei?

#15. What is it known as when you mock or criticise someone on Twitter, without directly mentioning them?


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