Who wouldn’t want a beer fridge that restocks itself?

beer fridge that restocks itself
Drink up: the DrinkShift knows when it's running dry

This is probably the best thing I’ve found at CES 2019 so far… a beer fridge that refills itself when you’re running low on the happy juice.

This amazing piece of modern machinery is called the DrinkShift, made by a Tokyo-based startup called Shiftall (yes, you do need to be very careful how you say that after a couple of beers).

Working alongside a smartly designed accompanying app, the DrinkShift keeps a careful eye on how many of its 13 slots contain a cold beer.


The idea is that when you get down to your last three or four, the fridge automatically places an order with your booze vendor of choice so that the threat of a serious drought can be swiftly averted.

You could see it working well with one of the many upcoming craft beer vendors, such as Beer Hawk, who despatch boxes of hand-picked beers. The chap at the stand said that the cost of the fridge (not specified) could be subsidised by the retailer, making it a rather nice subscription gift.

If I see one more smart doorbell at CES, I’m going to be driven to drink. If I had couriers ringing my smart doorbell to restock my DrinkShift, on the other hand, I’d be a happy man indeed.

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