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How can I block an artist on Spotify?

block an artist on Spotify
Gone and forgotten: keep certain artists out of your ears

Right now, this only works on select devices. But soon, we should all be able to rid our automated playlists of menaces to audio society – such as Chris de Burgh – with the ability to block an artist on Spotify.

According to a report on, the option to block an artist is currently being tested in the iOS version of Spotify, but is soon to be rolled across the board. Here – when the feature arrives on your device – is how you can silence a singer.

How to block an artist on Spotify

  • Visit the artist’s page. You can get to this by clicking on the song you’re currently playing and selecting Go To Artist.
  • Once there, click on the … (three dots) menu on the artist’s page.
  • Select ‘Don’t play this artist’.

This won’t lead to a total ban. If that artist has appeared on another artist’s record, they may still pollute your ears.

But if you’re determined to rid auto-generated playlists, Discover Weekly, Your Daily Mixes and radio stations of a particular artist, this seems like the most effective means yet.

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