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Why should you avoid Amazon Prime delivery for pre-orders?

avoid Amazon Prime
Late to the game: Amazon pre-orders might not arrive early in the day

Excited about an upcoming video game or film? With a pre-order guarantee (whatever price it is when you pre-order it, you’ll only be charged the lowest price it’s sold for between then and when it’s finally despatched), it’s tempting to use Amazon and, if you have Prime membership, the Prime delivery service.

But, there is a catch…

It can be delivered late

Prime delivery makes use of couriers to deliver your parcel. Depending on where you are on the route, it could turn up at any time. However, if you choose “standard delivery” then, for a game or DVD, they’ll use normal post – depending on when your postman delivers, you may get a far quicker delivery.

I was once waiting for a new video game release and, coincidentally, I just happened to be off work on the day (my wife has trouble believing this coincidence too). I’d used Prime delivery and it was eventually delivered… at 8pm. By comparison, since using the standard delivery option, I’ve always received pre-orders in the morning.

You might even get it earlier

When Amazon uses couriers, they generally hand over the parcels the previous day or evening. When using the post, Amazon needs to be a bit more ahead of the game, so provide these earlier. As a result, I have more than once received films, due for release on a Monday, on a Sunday. Bonus!

An alternative for video games

Of course, you don’t have to use Amazon and, for video games, I often now don’t. I have a Game store close to me and its prices are pretty competitive with Amazon’s.

For the big game releases, Game stores might open at midnight. Otherwise, you can usually pre-order and pick your game up whenever it suits. On top of that, if you have one of Game’s (free) Rewards card, you can earn money back on all purchases. Game also regularly offers special versions of games (with bonus extras), as well as having purchase offers too.

On top of all this, you’re helping to support your local high-street stores!

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