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How do I download and install PlayStation 4 games remotely?

install PlayStation 4 games remotely
Remote install: you don't need to be at your PS4 controller to download and install games

Did you know you can download and install PlayStation games remotely? This is particularly useful if, say, something is released whilst you’re at work – by the time you get home you can have it ready to play!

We’ll make the assumption that you’ve bought the game already from the PlayStation Store (it can be an historic purchase). It should also be noted that this same process works for the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Preparing your PlayStation 4

For this to work, your PS4 must be left in standby and not fully switched off.

Downloading and installing

After signing into the PlayStation Store, click on your username at the top and select Download List. This will show all of the games that you have available to download.

Click on the Download to your PS4 button to the right of the title to start the download.

Viewing your download queue

Need to know how your download is doing? After signing into the PlayStation Store, click on your username at the top and select Download Queue.

This will show any pending downloads, split across separate tabs for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. From here you can also cancel any downloads. Otherwise, anything in your download queue will now be pushed to your PlayStation and installed.

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