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How can I set Spotify songs as an Android alarm?

Spotify Android alarm
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If you’re still relying on your smartphone’s old-fashioned “beep, beep, beep” or, even worse, “brrriiiiinnnggg” alarm to wake up in the mornings, it’s time to enter the 21st century. Whether you’re a classical music nut, RnB devotee or want to start the day with some death metal, the right song can put a spring in your step. Here’s how to set Spotify songs as an Android alarm.

A quick note before we get started: the process is ludicrously simple on Android devices, thanks to a helpful update in 2018. Sadly, that’s not the case for iPhone users. To have a Spotify alarm in iOS, you either need to download a third-party app such as Alarm Clock for Spotify, which we can’t vouch for, or rely on a potentially damaging software tweak. We would, therefore, recommend sticking with Apple Music or MP3s for your iPhone alarms for the time being. Pull your finger out, Tim Cook!

Oh and, in tribute to one of the greatest films of all time, Groundhog Day, I’ll be using Sonny & Cher’s I Got You Babe as my example track…

How to set Spotify songs as an Android alarm

Google has kindly made it extraordinarily easy to set Spotify songs as an Android alarm. However, the very first thing you need to do, if you haven’t already, is download the Spotify app and log in.

Once that’s done, open the in-built Google Clock app (not to be confused with the Clock apps that many phone makers also supply) and tap the alarm you want to change.

Spotify Android alarm

Tap the small ringing bell icon shown above (your current alarm sound will be written next to it) and this screen will appear…

Spotify Android alarm

Select the Spotify tab in the top-right of the screen. You will now need to connect your account by, hold onto your hat, tapping the blue Connect button.

Spotify Android alarm

You’ll be confronted with a loading screen for a couple of seconds and then a page from Spotify that runs through what the Clock app will be able to access. It’s all the usual stuff, but it’s worthwhile giving the dropdown list a read anyway. If you’re happy, press the big green Agree button.

Spotify Android alarm

You’ll then be taken back to the Spotify tab of the “Alarm sound” page, where you can either select a song from one of your existing playlists or search the entire library for the perfect wake-up music. Tap the track you want to use and a small blue tick will indicate that it’s been confirmed.

Spotify Android alarm

Annoyingly, the Clock app then decides that you immediately need to hear the track so we’d recommend quickly turning the phone volume down if you’re on a busy train.

And that’s it! If you head back to your list of alarms, you’ll see that the ringing bell icon has been replaced with a small Spotify logo and the title of the track.

Spotify Android alarm

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