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What should I do if if I get the “moisture has been detected” warning on my Samsung Galaxy?

moisture has been detected
Wet warning: don't use the cable charger if "moisture has been detected"

Been caught out in a heavy shower with your smartphone? Dropped it down the toilet? Then you might well have seen the “moisture has been detected” warning on your Samsung Galaxy. But what to do for the best in this soggy situation? Here’s how to get home and dry.

Moisture has been detected – now what?

First, don’t panic. It’s unlikely to be terminal for your phone. Many of the phones in the Samsung Galaxy range are IP68-rated, which means they can survive in up to 1.5m of fresh water for up to half an hour. I certainly wouldn’t recommend putting that to the test for yourself, but equally don’t start fretting if you start seeing moisture warnings.

The warnings normally relate to the USB charging port. The obvious danger here is that if you plug in your charger, you could electrocute yourself or damage the phone.

So, the most important piece of advice is don’t plug in your charger while the moisture warning remains on screen. The warning will stay in your notifications until it’s no longer applicable, so just make sure you’ve fully scrolled through all your notifications before you reach for that charger.

If you do plug in the USB cable, there’s every chance the phone will sound an alarm until you disconnect the charger.

What if your phone is running out of battery? There is one way around this situation – wireless charging.

If you have a Qi wireless charger, you can use this to top up the battery and continue using the phone as normal, until the socket dries out. Most will dry out within an hour or two.

Don’t do anything daft like whacking it under a hand dryer. The heat could damage the phone’s electrics and cause the handset to overheat. You might stick it in a bowl of dry rice to suck out the moisture, but you’re probably better off just leaving the phone to dry by itself.

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