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How do I change my PlayStation ID?

change playstation id

Unlike on the Xbox platform, it’s never been possible to change your PlayStation ID. When you signed up on PSN for the first time, the name you chose was the name you were stuck with (and there are some embarrassing choices out there!).

However, as of today, you can finally change your ID. Great news!

Except that the platform and games have been designed with the assumption that this wouldn’t happen. As such, changing your ID comes with some caveats.

Let’s get them out of the way first…

The downsides

  • You can’t change your ID via your PS3 or Vita. You also can’t change your name if you have a child account.
  • The first name change will be free but after that you’ll pay £8 for each change (£4 for PlayStation Plus members). It won’t cost anything to revert a change.
  • Some games have issues with the name change. Some are downright hostile to it (ten, to be precise). Sony has, handily, published a full list of games and whether they work with the name change or not.

So, what “issues” are we talking about here? According to Sony…

  • You may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you have acquired for your games, including content such as add-ons and virtual currency.
  • You may lose your progress within games, including game-saved data, leaderboard data and progress toward trophies.
  • Parts of your games and applications might not function properly, both online and offline.
  • Your previous online ID(s) may remain visible to you and other players in some places.

So, now you know all of that, do you still want to do it?

How to change your PlayStation ID

You can do it either through your PlayStation 4 or from Sony’s website.

But, before you do, if you haven’t already saved progress for all users in all games on your PS4, do that now. Unsaved data will be lost.

Changing the ID on your PS4

On your PS4 head to Settings -> Account Management -> Account Information -> Profile -> Online ID.

changing the id on your PS4

You’ll go through a number of screens confirming all of the information that I’ve detailed above and then, finally, have the option to change your ID to a new, unique one.

change online id

Changing the ID on the web

  • Head to the Sony Entertainment Network website and select the PSN Profile link in the side menu.
  • Alternatively, head to the PlayStation Store, click on your user name in the top right-hand corner and then select “Account Settings”. Now click on the PSN profile link in the menu.
change playstation id on website
  • To the right will be your “Online ID”. Click the edit button to the right of it.
new online id

You’ll go through a number of screens confirming all of the information that I’ve detailed above and then, finally, have the option to change your ID to a new, unique one.

I’ve changed my PlayStation ID. Now what?

PS3 and PS Vita systems must be restarted for your new online ID to become visible.

At the end of the online ID change process, you’ll be signed out of PlayStation Network on whichever device you’re making the change from. If you’re signed in to PlayStation Network on a PS4 system, all games and applications on that system will be closed and you’ll be signed out.

After you change your online ID, Sony recommends that you immediately launch your games to check for any issues (such as lost content, progress and functionality).

Things are broken. I want out!

If you experience any issues, you can change back to a previous online ID without charge. However:

  • Changing back to your previous online ID may not fix all issues (for example, you may not recover all, or any, lost content, progress and functionality).
  • If you want to change back, do so as soon as possible because changing back to your previous online ID may affect content, game progress and functionality associated with your new online ID.

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