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How do I stop my Windows 10 background and settings from syncing across different computers?

Windows 10 sync backgrounds

Here’s my problem. Every other day my desktop background would change to something horse-related, and much as I admire those fine animals it’s not what I want on my PC.

The reason? Because I’d foolishly let my daughter use an old computer which still had my Windows 10 login details. This is stupid on my part, but let’s overlook that for now. Instead, we’ll concentrate on how to control what syncs between Windows 10 computers.

And in particular, how to stop your background desktop syncing when you don’t want it to.

How to sync your settings in Windows 10

Search for “sync settings” in the search box, at the bottom-left of Windows. Click on Sync your settings.

sync your settings

You’ll see the following options screen:

switch sync on and off

As you can see, the nuclear option is to slide “Sync settings” to off. However, if you just want to stop syncing the desktop background then switch Theme off.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “Theme” is Microsoft’s word for a collection of background images, sounds and colours. You’re probably using the default theme, and it’s worth hunting through the Windows Store to find nicer ones. Or take a quick browse of Microsoft’s favourites here.

Back to syncing settings. If you are sharing your Windows 10 login with other computers, then consider switching off passwords. You can never be too careful…

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