How do I cancel Spotify Premium?

Cancel Spotify Premium
"Thank you for the music..."

For many of us, life without Spotify Premium would be unthinkable, but if you just can’t justify the expense anymore, the streaming giant makes it surprisingly easy to cut the cord. Here’s how to cancel Spotify Premium.

Note one: we’d recommend completing the process below on your laptop, tablet or PC. There’s nothing to stop you doing it on your smartphone, but it will involve irritating finger gymnastics to zoom in.

Note two: cancelling Spotify won’t actually mean that you’re locked out of the ecosystem forever. Neatly, you can still enjoy your carefully curated death metal playlists, but you’ll have to listen to a lot of adverts between songs. Another big disadvantage is that you’ll lose the ability to listen to offline songs, which could make that long-haul flight very tedious indeed.

How to cancel Spotify Premium

To revert back to the free, ad-studded tier of Spotify, head to your “Account overview” page by following this link. If you haven’t logged in via your web browser before, you’ll be asked for your username and password.

Once you’re there, scroll down and click on “Manage plan”.

Spotify Premium manage plan

In the “Subscription and payment” page that appears, select the big green “Change or cancel” button.

Spotify Premium cancel

This will generate a list of upgrades (to, for example, a family subscription for £14.99 per month) and downgrades. The option we want – “Spotify Free” – is at the very top of the list.

Switch to Spotify Free

If you’re absolutely sure you want to get rid of Premium, click the cancel button. As you’d expect, there’s a typical “last-chance-saloon” plea from Spotify to contend with…

Spotify Premium once last chance

And that’s it: you’ve saved yourself £9.99 per month with a handful of clicks. However, if the adverts in the free tier make you want to fling your laptop out of the window, it’s very easy to re-upgrade by heading back to the “Manage plan” page.

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