Which keyboard shortcuts can I use for Netflix?

Netflix keyboard shortcuts
Get Shorties: use keyboard shortcuts while watching Netflix

If you’re using Netflix in a browser, rather than in a dedicated app, then there are a number of incredibly useful keyboard shortcuts available to make navigation so much easier.

So, open up Netflix and give the following a go – that box-set will be easier than usual to watch end-to-end.

Netflix keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Space or EnterPlay/Pause
EscExit fullscreen
MMute toggle
SSkip intro
Up arrowVolume up
Down arrowVolume down
Left arrowRewind 10 seconds
Right arrowForward 10 seconds

There are also 3 shortcuts for displaying streaming information (one for geeks)…

Keyboard Shortcut*Action
Ctrl & Shift & Alt & DDisplay A/V stats
Ctrl & Shift & Alt & LLogging window
Ctrl & Shift & Alt & SAudio/video bitrate

*for Mac users, replace Alt with Option for the shortcut to work

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