What are the best Windows 10 Themes in 2019?

Lighthouse family: beam a new look on to your desktop

Want to give your Windows 10 desktop a new look? Fed up of looking at the same old wallpaper? Here’s a selection of the best Windows 10 Themes we’ve discovered in the Microsoft Store, all of which are completely free to download.

All of the themes contain a selection of images that will appear as a slow-moving slideshow on your Windows 10 desktop. If you have two screens connected to your computer, you’ll get a different image on each screen.

1. Undersea Life

A selection of 16 images, largely consisting of stunning tropical fish such as this Discus. Download Undersea Life here.

2. Snowy Mountains

You can’t go wrong with snow-capped mountains. This 17-image set makes a great theme, as most of the images have plain areas of sky that make desktop icons easier to see. Download Snowy Mountains here.

3. City Lights

In stark contrast to Snowy Mountains, City Lights has a series of sensational night-time cityscapes. The photographer’s signature poking out of the bottom-right of the image is the only spoiler. Download City Lights here.

4. Beauty of Britain 2

If you’re feeling a burst of patriotic pride, Sean Byrne’s 13-strong set of images should please the heart as well as the eye. This set ranges from London city skylines (pictured) to waves lapping over rocks on deserted beaches. Download Beauty of Britain 2 here.

5. World National Parks

Even the most one-eyed Brexit-seeking wonk would admit that Britain doesn’t have the monopoly on beautiful scenery. This Microsoft-made collection of 18 National Parks from around the globe doesn’t disappoint. Download World National Parks here.

6. Lighthouses by Night

There’s something magical about lighthouses, especially when they’re photographed as beautifully as this. Enjoy the dozen great images in this collection. Download Lighthouses by Night here.

7. Knits and Wool

More abstract than our previous picks, this theme has 16 brightly coloured close-ups of knitted fabrics, which make bold desktop backgrounds. Download Knits and Wool here.

8. Cat Expressions

I know what you’re thinking: pictures of cats on the internet? That will never take off. If you’re fond of felines, this 18-image set will have you purring with delight. Download Cat Expressions here.

9. Cheng Ling – Behind The Masks

This is a small set of six pen-and-ink drawings by artist Cheng Ling. The plain backgrounds make great wallpapers and the images are striking. Download Cheng Ling – Behind The Masks here.

10. Circuit Overload

One for the hardcore techies in the house, Circuit Overload takes you inside the computer to show a series of close-up components. Download Circuit Overload here.

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