What does the new Tilted Towers look like in Fortnite?

new Tilted Towers
New tilt: Tilted Towers has become Neo Towers

Tilted Towers is Fortnite Battle Royale’s most iconic location. And as anyone who visited towards the end of Season 8 will know, it has been utterly demolished.

Tilted Towers

The good news is the Towers are back for the start of Season 9, but they’re nothing like the old location. Welcome to Neo Towers.

new Tilted Towers

Season 9 has kicked off with a futuristic theme and Tilted Towers has been brought kicking into the 21st century. Maybe the 22nd.

The most obvious new feature are the big circular Slipstreams, which are a new mode of eco-friendly transport. You jump into them and are pushed around by the wind. They appear all over the map, not only in Neo Tilted.

new Tilted Towers

There are also nods to the old Tilted Towers buildings in the new design. The old clock tower, for instance, has been replaced with a modern version.

new Tilted Towers

Elsewhere, everything from the bed linen to the basketball courts have been given a neon makeover. Here’s a selection of images from the new-look Neo Tilted:

But as ever with Tilted Neo Towers, there’s always some building work going on…

new Tilted Towers

It makes you wonder, what’s coming next?

You can find out about all the new Season 9 features in the official Fortnite patch notes.

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