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How do you cure one of the most annoying things about using Slack on a PC?

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On message: you can enter line breaks on the desktop version of Slack

I use Slack a hell of a lot for communicating with colleagues on a variety of projects – but it can be hideously annoying.

Something I’ve long struggled to wrap my head around is the inconsistencies between Slack’s mobile and desktop apps.

For example, if I’m typing a long message into a Slack channel on my mobile phone, I can put line spaces between paragraphs simply by pressing the Enter key on the software keyboard, in the same way you would when typing an email. When the whole message is ready, you press the Send button in Slack.

Yet, you can’t do that on the PC – a device where typing long-form messages comes more naturally!

On the Slack desktop app, the default behaviour is for the message to be sent as soon as you’ve pressed the Enter key.

This results in one of two things:

  1. People writing hideously long messages in a single paragraph that are hard to read; or
  2. People pressing Enter at the end of every sentence and you getting a notification every six seconds as they compose their thesis

There is, however, a way around this problem, which I urge you to share with your Slack channels ASAP.

You can insert line breaks in the Slack desktop app by holding down Shift + Enter at the same time.


That single tip instantly makes Slack on the desktop precisely 83% less irritating.

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  • No need to Ctrl+Enter…

    On left side of Slack:
    Team Name Dropdown Menu > Preferences > Advanced…

    When writing a message, press Enter to…

    a.) Send the message

    b.) Start a new line (use CtrlEnter to send)