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How do I boost the brightness of the Amazon Echo Show 5 screen?

Echo Show 5 screen brightness
Bright idea: you can switch off the Echo Show 5's auto-brightness

There are times where you want the Amazon Echo Show 5 screen to be as dim as possible – if you’re using it as a bedside alarm clock, for example. There are others when the screen is just too dark – such as when you’re trying to watch a movie in an unlit room. Alas, the automatic brightness control sometimes gets this horribly wrong. So how do you take control?

How to adjust the screen brightness on the Amazon Echo Show 5

The Echo Show 5’s adaptive brightness control needs work. Yes, it’s brilliant that it smashes the brightness down at bedtime, ensuring your alarm clock doesn’t turn into a toddler’s night light, but it’s too aggressive. Try watching the brilliant Madam Secretary with the lights off and you’ll struggle to see anything on screen.

If you need to temporarily take control of the brightness, flick your finger downwards from the top of the screen and a brightness control will appear at the top. Move the slider to the right to boost the brightness.

Echo Show 5 screen brightness

Annoyingly, you can’t tell Alexa to boost screen brightness in the same way she will adjust speaker volume if you tell her to.

How to turn off adaptive brightness on the Amazon Echo Show 5

If the automatic brightness control gets on your thruppenny bits (© my nan, 1979) , then you can switch the adaptive brightness off.

Flick down from the top of the screen, in the same way you do to reach the brightness control. Dab the Settings cog and select Display. Now flick the Adaptive Brightness setting to off.

Echo Show 5 screen brightness

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  • Echo show 5 adaptive brightness won’t turn off. Brightness level is all the way to the right. And adaptive brightness is turned off, but it still dims in low light.