How can I make Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 quieter?

Magic Trackpad 2
Quiet comfort: make the Magic Trackpad less clicky

Apple’s Magic Trackpad 2 has been around for four years, but is still a wonderfully crafted product. An all-glass top with no moving parts, relying on the Taptic-Engine that you find in iPhones and iPads, the quality is hard to argue with.

Other than its wallet-wobbling price, the Magic Trackpad 2 does have shortcomings – regular recharging and needing a lightning cable to do so, being two of them. However, it can also be a little, well, noisy isn’t the word – distracting. The clicking that it makes is quite loud.

Thankfully, you can quieten it.

Head into System Preference and click on the Trackpad option. In the Point & Click tab, you should see an option named Silent clicking (no, that’s not a 70s Sci-Fi movie). Tick that and you should instantly find your finger taps are much quieter.

Here’s what that screen looks like (and, yes, I need to recharge my trackpad):

With that setting in place, your trackpad should be as quiet as a mouse. I’ll fetch my coat…

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