How do you access Canon printer settings from a web browser?

Canon printer settings
Browsing settings: you can tweak your printer from any web browser

Sometimes when I’m trying to solve a problem for this site, I inadvertently stumble over the solution to another. Here’s a case in point. Whilst trying to crack a stupid issue with my Canon TR8550 printer, I discovered that it’s possible to access its settings via a web browser – something I didn’t know was possible.

I’ll add before we get knee-deep into this problem that I wouldn’t recommend this method – accessing printer settings via the Canon app on smartphones is much easier. But if you’ve got a problem the app can’t solve or you don’t have a smartphone to hand, then the browser might come to the rescue.

How to discover your printer’s IP address

The first piece of information you need is your printer’s IP address. If your printer has an LCD screen, you should be able to get this from the printer itself.

On the Canon TR8550, you have to go through the following menu screens to find your IP address:

Settings cog > Settings > Device Settings > LAN Settings > Wireless LAN > WLAN Settings List

Scroll down until you see the IPV4 address and make a note of it.

If your printer doesn’t have a screen, follow these Canon instructions to have the device print the address for you.

How to access the Canon printer settings in your web browser

Now you have to type that IP address you’ve just collected into the address bar of your web browser.

Note that when you do this, or start fiddling with the menus, your browser might throw up a warning that the site you’re visiting is unsafe. Don’t worry about this and proceed through the warnings (you often have to press the ‘Advanced’ option or, something similarly worded, to bypass the browser’s warnings).

You should see a screen that’s similar to this:

How to get your Canon settings password

As soon as you start fiddling with the printer’s settings, you will be prompted for your password. At this point you’re probably thinking: “what password? I’ve never set one up for the printer.”

It turns out Canon automatically sets the password for you and that password is the nine-character serial number of your printer, which you should find printed on a sticker on the back of the device.

Once entered, you should be free to fiddle with settings to your heart’s content. Now, if anyone can tell me how to get my printer to work with Google Cloud Print, I’d be much obliged…

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