How do you make the mouse work in Google Stadia?

Mouse work in Google Stadia
Slow mover: find out how to make the mouse work

One of the best features of Google Stadia is that you can play on almost any device that supports the full Chrome web browser: PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Linux laptops. But the first time you attempt to play a game with keyboard and mouse, you may wonder how to make the mouse work in Google Stadia.

There’s a very simple fix to this problem, which we’ll explain below.

So, here we’ve gone to the Stadia site and we’re going to try and load a game of Football Manager 2020, which works best with keyboard and mouse.

We click the big Play button, the game goes full screen and begins to load.

However, when you reach the screen where you actually want to click on something, like loading the saved game here, nothing happens. You can drag the mouse pointer across the screen, but the clicks don’t register.

The fix is easy: press the Escape key.

This puts the focus into the main gaming window and you can click on any of the menu items.

We’ve seen this behaviour on Windows PCs, Chromebooks and Linux laptops and it’s very frustrating until you work out how to solve it. Hopefully, you won’t have that problem now!

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