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What does the green light on an Amazon Echo speaker mean? And how do I get rid of it?

green light on Amazon Echo
Green light: you've got a notification waiting

Is your Amazon Echo speaker giving off a mysterious light green glow? Relax, it’s not an alien landing. But it can be annoying to work out what the green light on an Amazon Echo indicates – and how to get rid of it.

What the green light on an Amazon Echo indicates

If your Amazon Echo is showing a solid green light, it’s an indication that there’s a notification waiting for you.

This is a fairly recent development on the Amazon speakers, and it’s normally a notification that something you’ve ordered from the online store is set to arrive today.

To find out what the green light is trying to tell you, say: “Alexa, what’s my notification”.

Alexa will tell you what the notification is all about and the green light will disappear.

There are other purposes for the green light. If you see a pulsing green light, that means you’ve either got a call incoming or one of your contacts is using the “drop-in” feature where they can ask Alexa to “drop in” on your device and be instantly connected via voice chat. Obviously, only allow people you really trust to drop in!

If you see a green light moving in an anti-clockwise direction on the indicator ring, that means you’ve got an ongoing voice call. Say “Alexa, end call” if you want to end the conversation.

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  • Thank you! I wish there was a way to avoid having to listen to all the notifications again. Wish I could just say “I heard those notifications already, cancel them”. That was helpful.

  • but how do I get ride of the solid green light coming on in the first place? That is, how do I turn off the notifications that make the solid green light appear, Without disabling All communications? Thanks.