How do you make photo thumbnails bigger on a Mac?

photo thumbnails bigger on Mac
Thumbs up: you can change the size of thumbnails and icons

If you’ve got a folder full of photos on your Mac, you might be frustrated that the default thumbnail size for those pics is so small you can barely see what’s in them. What’s more, there appears to be no easy way to make those thumbnails bigger like there is in (hushed voice) Windows? However, if you know where to look, there is a simple way to make photo thumbnails bigger on a Mac. And we know where to look.

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to make photo thumbnails bigger on a Mac

  1. Open a Finder window

    Open any Finder window with a folder containing images, such as our folder containing screenshots from the game Fortnite here. Now make sure you are in icon view, by clicking the icon with the six little squares.macOS Finder

  2. Open the View Options

    In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click View and then Show View Options. A rectangular window should appear over your Finder folder, like so:macOS Finder

  3. Change the icon size

    Use the icon size slider to enlarge the icons/thumbnails to your desired size. You should see the size of the thumbnail images in the background increase/decrease as you move the slider.
    macOS Finder

  4. Set the new size as your default

    Once you’re happy with the size of your thumbnails, hit the button at the bottom of the menu that says Use as Defaults and that new size will be applied across every folder on your Mac.
    macOS Finder

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