Is there a printable list of Mac keyboard shortcuts?

Mac keyboard shortcuts
Take command: the Mac has tons of keyboard shortcuts

Is there a printable list of Mac keyboard shortcuts? There is now. We’ve produced a list that you can cut out and stick alongside your computer, helping you to remember all those handy key combos – or even learn a few that you’ve never used before.

The PDF document is A5 sized, but you can print it on regular A4 paper and cut it out using the printed guides, if you don’t have A5 paper to hand.

We’ve hand picked the keyboard shortcuts that we think will be most useful to Mac owners, but there are many more than we have listed here. If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, take a look at Apple’s Mac keyboard shortcuts support page and you’ll probably find it.

In case you’re not familar with the symbols, the ⌘ on our keyboard shortcuts refers to the Command key, while the ⌥ refers to the Option key.

Click on the Download button below and save the file to your Mac. There’s a preview image of the document embedded below, but make sure to download the file to get the document at maximum quality.

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