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Which Samsung phone do I have? How to find out what Samsung handset you’re packing

which samsung phone do I have

Which Samsung phone do you have? If you don’t know the answer to that question, you’re not alone. While Apple only releases a handful of iPhones a year, Samsung splurges a whole bunch of handsets across every price range, from the cheap and cheerful Galaxy J series all the way up to the all-singing, all-dancing Galaxy S and Note flagships.

The trouble is that phones look kind of similar at a glance. If you’re not a tech expert and didn’t keep the box when you first bought it, there’s every chance you’ll have forgotten the model number. 

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to find out, and as I have both a Galaxy S7 and a Galaxy S10e on my desk here in front of me, I can show you the steps you need to take.

How to find out which Samsung phone you have

Reboot the phone

Which Samsung phone do I have?

This works for my S7 and S10e devices, as well as loads of other Samsung handsets I’ve reviewed. 

Rebooting the phones briefly flashes up the model number on screen as in the shots above, giving you plenty of time to note it down. But it’s possible some Samsung handsets don’t show the model number on screen, so in that case try and…

Find the model number in Settings

The steps involved will vary between handsets, but the basics are the same. Drag your finger down the top of the screen until some extra settings appear, and tap the little cog in the top right-hand corner. 

Samsung phone settings

Scroll down to “About Phone” and you’ll find basic information about your phone.

Samsung phone About Phone

By default, Samsung tends to make its device names the same as the phone, but if you’ve changed it, pop the model number – in this case “SM-G930F” – into Google and you should get an instant answer:   

Pretty conclusive.

If for some reason this comes up empty, or you can’t find the settings, then try this…

Download an app to tell you

Droid Hardware Info is a free Android app that can give you all kinds of nerdy information about your handset including which Samsung phone you’re using. Here it is exposing the nuts and bolts of my S10e for the world to see:

Droid Info

How to turn your Galaxy phone into an alarm…

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