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How do you restart an Apple HomePod?

restart an Apple HomePod
Buttoned down: restart the HomePod without reaching for the plug

Imagine it – you come to use your Apple HomePod and it doesn’t respond. Now, at this stage, most people would reach for the power switch but what if that’s not convenient? You may have your HomePod installed in a hard-to-reach location, with a plug behind the bookcase, for example). If this was a phone, you’d press a button, but the HomePod doesn’t have a physical button anywhere. So, how do you restart an Apple HomePod?

Well, it’s possible but, for reasons unknown to Apple, you can only do it from an iOS device (so, not your Mac, for example).

How to restart an Apple HomePod

  • Head into Apple’s Home app
  • Find your HomePod on the front screen and tap and hold it until a pop-up menu appears
Restart an Apple HomePod
  • Tap the cog icon in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Scroll to the bottom of that screen, where you’ll find an option named “Reset HomePod”. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds (or rather, it doesn’t have to be!). Click on that.
  • At the bottom, another menu will appear:
HomePod settings
  • DON’T press “Remove Accessory” (this is used for factory resetting your device). Instead, select “Restart HomePod”.

Your HomePod should now restart.

Is it just me that finds these options difficult to find and hardly intuitive?

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