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What Twitter lists am I on?

How to find what Twitter lists am I on

Without wanting to make you paranoid, you’re probably on a whole bunch of Twitter lists. 

Hopefully when you dig deeper to find one what Twitter lists you’re on, they’ll be called flattering things like “besties” or “funny people” and not “the worst people in the world”, but there’s only one way to find out…

Note: I decided to write this up because much of Google’s advice on how to find what Twitter lists you’re on is badly out of date. It seems that Twitter decided to change its URL structure at some point and entering doesn’t work any more. So how do you find out what Twitter lists you’re on? Read on…

What Twitter lists am I on?

  • First of all, go to your Twitter homepage. By that I mean your own page and not the feed – so You can also access that by clicking your avatar on the home page.
  • To the left of your feed of tweets is a list of eight icons. The sixth one down is labeled “Lists” – or if your window is especially small, it might just be the logo which is a square with lines on it, like this:
  • Your feed will be replaced by three submenus: “Owned”, “Subscribed” and “Member.” These are self explanatory, but for the avoidance of doubt, “Member” is the one you want – it means any list that you’re on. So click it. 
  • Huh. Turns out I’m on 45 lists, which is a bit of a surprise. And none of them are labeled “awful humans”!

Now you’ve read all that, I can reveal that Twitter has only slightly tweaked the out-of-date URL above. The current working address is: 

Of course, this might not be every list you’re on. When somebody makes a Twitter list, they have the option of making it private, in which case you’ll never know you’re on it. But hopefully this will at least partially sate your curiosity all the same… 

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