How do I stop my Samsung TV sound popping?

Samsung TV sound popping
Pop goes the Samsung: cut out the audio crackles

We bought a smashing new Samsung TV recently – 50 glorious inches of 4K loveliness. There was just one problem. Every so often, the connected soundbar would make a strange popping noise, the kind of noise you sometimes get when switching from one source to another. It was intermittent and deeply irritating – and it took a full fortnight and lots of fiddling with settings, wires and what-not to find out what was causing it.

So, if you’re suffering from random pops and clicks from your TV, here’s how I managed to stop my Samsung TV sound popping.


Yes, after two weeks of painful pops and after coming dangerously close to getting Currys to take the thing back, I finally discovered it was a poorly seated HDMI cable that was causing the audio to pop.

The HDMI lead was only three-quarters of the way into the socket. It looked OK to the naked eye, but when – in sheer desperation – I decided to give all the cables a firm shove, it went in by another half inch or so.

Ever since, the random pops, clicks and gurgles have been all but eliminated and the family can watch a show without wanting to lob something sharp at the television screen. Or at me. Mainly at me, in fact.

It has to be said that others have experienced similar (ahem) sounding problems and found different solutions, which in the interests of domestic harmony I share with you here.

I hope you find an answer to your popping problem and can watch TV in peace.

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  • my samsung 60″ 2017 LED began to gurgle as if the sound were underwater. We use the home wifi network. It does not make any difference if it is on TV, Roku, USB. The connections have been checked and appear OK.