Which Chrome version am I using?

What version of Chrome do I use

Ever wondered what version of Chrome you have? Perhaps there’s been a security breach and you want to make sure you’re covered, or maybe you want to know if you’re compatible with certain web software. Well, no matter why you’re curious, it’s pretty straightforward to find out.

While Chrome does auto update by default, we also cover why you might be using an out-of-date version.

What Chrome version do I have?

Finding your version of Chrome is dead easy. In fact there were probably more steps involved in finding this article in the first place, but hey: you’re here now.

1. Open Google Chrome

2. On the right-hand side across from the address bar (and possibly behind a bunch of extensions if you’re like me) are three vertical dots. Click them.

Google Chrome login

3. Scroll down to “Help” and then click “About Google Chrome”

Google Chrome settings

4. Your Chrome version number will appear in the middle of the screen – in my case, as you’ll see below, it’s 81.0.4044.138. Vintage.

which version of Google Chrome do I have

You’ll also probably notice that I have the latest version of Google Chrome. I’d like to pretend that that’s because I’m terribly well organised, but the truth is a bit more mundane. You shouldn’t ever need to update Chrome, as it does so itself automatically.

When does Chrome update?

There are Chrome updates every couple of months or so. If you’re itching to know when the next version will be, then you can see what Google has up its figurative sleeves here

But you don’t need to do anything: Chrome checks for updates whenever it’s opened, and will download anything it needs in the background. However, updates won’t actually be installed until you close it, so make sure you don’t leave your browser open all the time, otherwise you might be left vulnerable.

The sheer number of Chrome users in the world – it is humanity’s current favourite web browser after all – means that you might not get an update right away, as it’s generally staggered so as not to melt Google’s servers. Don’t panic – if it’s urgent, you can bet your bottom dollar the company will be accelerating the process.

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