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What do the lights on the Amazon eero mean?

Amazon eero
All-action eero: find out what the lights indicate

The Amazon eero is a popular mesh router, costing much less than the competition.

App controlled and quite dinky in size, on top of the eero is a single LED that changes colour to indicate what it’s doing. But what do those colours actually mean?

The Amazon eero app

Before we dive in, a warning – just to confuse you further, the status light used in the app often doesn’t match up with the one on the device.

For example, if your app shows your eeros outlined in green and the eero LED is white, your network is connected and working properly. Confused? Here’s the breakdown of what the app status colours indicate:

Red – your device is not connected

Yellow – your device is being set-up

Green – your device is working fine

The Amazon eero lights

Now let’s deal with what the lights on the eero itself mean:

Flashing white – the eero is still starting up and attempting to connect to the internet

Flashing blue – Bluetooth is turned on and broadcasting

Solid blue – your app is connected to the device and is currently setting it up

Flashing green – multiple eeros have been detected

Flashing yellow – an unapproved USB has been plugged in.

Solid white – the eero is connected to the internet and all is well

Solid red – the eero is on but cannot connect to the internet

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