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How do I know when my PlayStation 4 controller is charging?

PlayStation 4 controller charging
Charged up: check your controller batteries

Picture the scene: you’re desperate to jump into a game, but the last time you checked your controller its battery was as empty as a Dominic Cummings excuse. From no charge to full charge can take two hours, so how can you confirm that it the PlayStation 4 controller is charging and, then, when it’s finished?

Here we’ll give you two different ways of finding out this information:

Check on the console

Press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller, whilst it’s charging, and the charge level will show in the bottom, left-hand corner of the screen.

This will animate when the charging process is taking place.

Check on the controller

Take a look around the back of your controller. If the light is gently glowing orange, then it’s charging.

Once charging is complete, the light will turn off.

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