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What do the PlayStation 4 lights mean?

PlayStation 4 lights
Light show: find out what those console lights indiciate

The PlayStation 4 is the world’s most popular games console, but despite sitting in hundreds of millions of homes, people still struggle to understand what the different power lights on the console indicate.

The lights on the PS4 are placed in different positions, depending on which version of the console you own. The original PS4 has a long strip of light running from front to back, whereas the Slim and Pro models have a plain light on the front left-hand side.

Whichever you have, what the actual colours mean remain the same:

No light

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, yes, this means your console is turned off. Or, rather, has “no power” (which may be different to your expectations).

Blue and then white

This is the colour combination shown when the PS4 is starting up.

Solid white

Your console is on and working as expected.

Flashing orange

Your console is entering rest mode.

Solid orange

Your console is in rest mode. In this mode, your console can still download software and you can charge controllers from the USB ports. Press the power button on the console or PlayStation button on one of the controllers to bring it out of rest mode.

Flashing white and then goes off

Your console is powering down – unlike standby mode, the console cannot update in this state or charge controllers.

Flashing white, solid blue or blinking blue

If the indicator light only flashes white, or if the blue light never changes to solid white, your console has locked up. Power your console off at the mains to restart it.

Flashing red

She’s gonna blow – get out!

Okay, not really, but your console is getting rather hot. Flashing red indicates it’s overheating.

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