Disney+ free trial: is it still available?

Disney+ free trial
Don't be a Wall-e: you won't find a free Disney+ trial anymore

With Frozen 2 and Hamilton having just arrived on the streaming service Disney+, it’s never been in more demand. And that’s before we consider the pandemic lockdown. So, is it possible to get a free trial? If not, where else can you get Disney+ from cheaply?

Can I get a free trial?

Sadly, not. The service offered a week-long free trial when it launched in March but that ended a couple of weeks ago. It’s hardly surprising. How many people would sign up for the free trial just to watch Frozen 2 and/or Hamilton?

As of May 4th Disney+ had 55 million subscribers, so it’s not as if it’s desperate for more sign-ups. To put this into context, it took Netflix five years to reach the number of subscribers that Disney has achieved in two months.

Is there anywhere else that I can get it for free?

Some businesses are giving away free Disney+ with their own services, which kinda means paying for something else to get it.

For example, O2 currently offers six months’ free Disney+ with certain phone plans. If you’re looking for a plan, this may sway you. If you’re already on O2 and your contract has expired, it may be worth calling the company to see if it will give you this benefit to stay loyal.

What’s the cheapest alternative?

A Disney+ subscription costs £5.99 a month or £59.99 per year (essentially giving you the equivalent of two months’ subscription free if you pay for the year in advance).

However, there’s nothing stopping you from subscribing for one month and then cancelling. So, if you’re dead-set on Hamilton, Frozen 2 and, maybe, a cheeky binge-watch of The Mandalorian, then it will certainly be cheaper than buying Blu-rays.

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