Can you get Sky without a satellite dish in the UK?

There’s a subset of people in the UK that would love to get Sky, but don’t want a satellite dish. Maybe you can’t because your building has strange planning requirements, or perhaps you’re in a rental place that simply won’t let you have one installed. 

The big question is, can you get Sky without a satellite dish?

Can you get Sky without a satellite dish?

In the UK, no. While the company lets you have a 100% streaming solution in Italy (Sky via Fibre) and Austria (Sky X), currently the UK doesn’t have an equivalent. 

Back in 2017 with the launch of Sky Q, the company did say a satellite dish-free option would be coming to Britain, but it missed its 2018 launch window, and Sky has said very little since.

The last we heard was back in July 2020 when Pocket Lint asked Sky Group’s chief product officer Fraser Stirling for an update. “We have been working on it,” he replied, which sounds promising until you read the next sentence: “[But] I’ll be 100 per cent honest, it’s a very powerful thing to have a hybrid platform like we do.”

In other words, don’t expect Sky to rush out a satellite-free solution in the UK any time soon, despite its earlier commitments. It sounds like a low priority for the company, when compared to improving Sky Q.

So I can’t watch Sky without a satellite dish?

Not under the Sky name, no, but you can get the vast majority of the content on demand via Now TV. Monthly passes let you stream the same shows, movies and sporting events that are broadcast via satellite dish over the internet. Alternatively, Virgin Media, BT and TalkTalk let you get some Sky channels as optional extras.

Perhaps the popularity of these solutions is why Sky’s official satellite dish-free solution has taken a back seat in company planning. Whatever the reason, if you’re holding out for Sky X in the UK, you might be better off biting the bullet and getting a dish, or looking into alternatives.

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