Where are Steam screenshots saved?

Where are Steam screenshots

Steam makes taking screenshots incredibly easy – by default, you just press F12. Finding those screenshots later is a bit harder, though. 

Here’s where to find Steam screenshots.

Where are Steam screenshots saved?

The easiest way is to find your Steam screenshots is actually within the Steam client itself. 

Along the bar on the top, press the “View” dropdown menu and then select Screenshots. From there, you’ll be able to select which captures you want to upload to your online library, where they can be viewed by others if you wish.

But where are they actually stored? Well that depends on if you’re using Windows, Linux or MacOS… 

  1. By default, Steam is installed at:
  •  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam in Windows
  •  Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam on Mac
  • ~/.local/share/Steam for Linux. 

You might have changed this, but the first step is to find that base folder.

  1. Once you’ve found that, click on the “userdata” directory. If more than one Steam account is on your computer, then you’ll find a bunch of subfolders here, which denote each one’s ID number. You can probably figure out which is yours via trial and error, but if that’s too much trouble you can find your ID on your profile page within Steam – it’s the long number in the URL.
  1. Next click on a folder labeled “760”. Inside that is another folder called “Remote” for you to click.
  1. Oh God, it’s another folder full of numbers. Okay, each number you see here represents a game, but rather than clicking each one and checking, save yourself some bother and use this site to find the number for the game you’re looking for instead.  
  1. Once you’re in the right game folder, click on the subfolder labeled “screenshots” and ta da! You’ve found your gold. 

Can’t help thinking that Valve could have made this all a lot easier, but they haven’t. So let’s hope you don’t have too many screenshots to find, eh?

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