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What do the lights on the Ring video doorbell mean?

What do the lights on the Ring video doorbell mean?

Video doorbells have become very popular in recent years, with Nest and Ring the market leaders. If you own a Ring brand video doorbell, you’ve no doubt wondered “what do those lights mean?”. Good news: this guide will show you exactly what your device is trying to tell you.

Located around the main button, it can animate in a number of different ways.

What do the lights on the Ring video doorbell mean?

Spinning blue

This is what should happen whenever the button is pressed, in normal every-day “ring my doorbell” use.

Spinning white

Your doorbell is attempting to connect to the Wifi (whoever thought that would be a thing?) and is waiting for you enter the credentials.

Scrolling blue (going upwards)

As part of the set-up, Ring is attempting to connect to your home network.

Flashing white

Your firmware is updating!

Flashing blue

Your doorbell is booting up!

Solid blue

You’ve enabled the speaker.

4 blue segments flash 4 times

The Ring has been set-up successfully!

Flashing white (just the top segment)

The set-up has failed due to a password error – double check that you entered it correctly!

Flashing white (just the right segment)

The set-up has failed as it’s couldn’t connect to the network. Is your WiFi signal not strong enough, perhaps?

Flashing white (just the left segment)

The set-up has failed due to some other (mysterious) reason. Try again!

Flashing blue (rapidly) and then spinning white

A factory restore is in progress. Hold on to your hat!

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