How do I stop suggested posts on Instagram?

stop suggested posts on Instagram
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Have you scrolled through your Instagram feed and come across posts from folk you don’t follow? Instagram has recently started stuffing ‘suggested posts’ into feeds, giving you more of the stuff you didn’t ask for and probably don’t want. The question, of course, is can you stop suggested posts on Instagram?

The answer, alas, is no. At least, you can’t turn them off completely. Not unless there’s an Instagram setting I haven’t found – and if you need to put me straight, the comments at the bottom of this piece is the perfect place to do so.

However, Instagram does at least provide a degree of control over the type of suggested posts you’re exposed to. As with all things Facebook, Instagram is stuffing content into your feed because it thinks it’s the type of stuff you like. Or the type of stuff that might tempt you to buy something from a commercial partner, of course.

If something you couldn’t give a rat’s backside about appears in your feed, you can tell Instagram to bury that kind of stuff in the future by clicking on three dots next to the suggested post and selecting Not Interested.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see any further suggested posts. It should hopefully mean you won’t see any more from that specific account, but I’m afraid they will keep coming.

One other tip for avoiding suggested posts: they only seem to appear on my account when I get to the end of the new stuff from people I actually follow. If you want to see less random stuff, try following a few more people and populating your feed with more content, so that Insta doesn’t end up filling the gaps.

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