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What does the light on the Honor Router 3 mean?

The Honor Router 3 has been getting rave reviews – mainly due to the fact that if offers WiFi 6 for around £50.

That’s not all though; if it was a mesh network that you were looking for, you can buy multiple units and connect them into a mesh – making them a surprisingly powerful but cheap solution.

However, for £50, Honor has clearly taken some shortcuts, including the fact that there isn’t a built-in modem. And, when it comes to handy flashing lights to tell you what’s happening, even they’ve been paired down, leaving you with just a single light on the front.

And to keep things even simpler, the indicator on the front has very few states…

Honor Router 3: What does the light mean?

Steady Green

All is fine and you are connected to the internet.

Steady Red

You’re not connected to the internet. Check that it’s connected correctly and that your modem isn’t indicating a fault.

This may also be the case when first setting the router up (or after a reset), if you haven’t yet configured it.


Honor routers can be paired together in a mesh network. When the light if flashing, then means that another device, trying to pair, has been detected. You have to press the H button (just above the light) to confirm this.

If you started the pairing process by mistake, just wait 2 seconds and the light should stop flashing.

What is WiFi 6?

In case you don’t already know, WiFi 6 is the latest iteration of WiFi tech. It offers much faster speeds than WiFi 5, almost tripling it from 3.5 Gbps on WiFi 5, to 9.6 Gbps. The real draw of WiFi 6 however, is the improved stability with multiple devices on one network, drastically increasing the capacity of your network.

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