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How do I remove suggested websites from Chrome?

remove suggested websites from Chrome
Memory hole: stop Chrome remembering mistyped addresses

Here’s the scenario. You went to visit a well-known website, say, for the first time in your web browser. But instead of typing “amazon”, fat-fingered you typed “amazin”. Now, every time you type the first few letters of Amazon’s address into the Chrome browser, it’s unhelpfully suggesting you visit instead – and trust me, you don’t want to go there. How do you remove suggested websites from Chrome to make sure typos don’t come back to haunt you?

Fortunately, there’s an easy – if not immediately obvious – solution.

  1. Open Chrome and type the first couple of letters of the site you wish to remove from the auto-suggested list.
  2. The auto-suggest list should appear below where you’re typing.
  3. Find the item you wish to delete – in the example below, instead of – and drag your mouse to the right of the auto-suggestions bar. A small x should appear alongside that mistyped address’s entry, which you can click to remove it from the list of auto-suggested websites, as shown below.

If you’re using the mobile version of the Chrome browser on your smartphone or tablet, the instructions are different:

  1. Once again, type in the first couple of letters of the site you wish to remove.
  2. When the site appears in the auto-suggested list, press and hold down on its link and a prompt should appear asking if you wish to “remove suggestion from history”. Click OK to wipe it from the browser.

This technique isn’t only handy for removing typos. If you’ve visited a personal site on a work computer, for example, or are trying to book a surprise break on a shared computer and don’t want any spoilers appearing in the auto-suggest list, use the technique above to get rid of them.

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