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How do I export my notes and posts from Facebook?

Facebook have provided, for a while, features to export your photos and videos from Facebook directly to other services, such as Dropbox and Google Photos. Now, Facebook have announced the added ability to do the same for notes and posts.

Which services are supported?

You can send posts and notes to one of the following…

  1. Google Docs
  2. Blogger
  3. WordPress

I’m not sure of the requirement for Google Docs, as publishing posts through this medium appears… unusual. For most, the options will be between Blogger and WordPress.

How do I transfer my notes and posts?

  • Now select “Transfer a copy of your information” from the right-hand list that appears.
  • For “Step 1”, select what you want to export. In this example, I’m exporting posts.
  • In Step 3, you get to choose your destination – WordPress, Google Docs or Blogger (although I couldn’t get the latter to appear in my selection, for some reason).
  • Click on the “Next” button and you will be prompted to link the appropriate account and site, depending on the service you chose.
  • Finally, press the “Confirm Transfer” button to start the transfer. It can take some time, so Facebook will email you once it’s complete. You can leave the transfer page whilst this occurs.

Here’s an example of a transfer to WordPress…

A note about transferring to WordPress

  • To allow for the appropriate connection, the WordPress options requires either a site hosted on WordPress.com, or a WordPress site connected via the Jetpack plugin.
  • The transferred content, which includes photos and (if you have an appropriate plan) videos, will be added as draft posts – i.e. nothing will go live until you do this manually.
  • More information about this is available on the WordPress.com site.

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