How do you get the bots to fire in the Apex Legends firing range?

Like any half decent first-person shooting game, Apex Legends has a firing range, where you can try out the weapons and characters at your disposal. However, this only extends to firing at lifeless dummies and, at its most exciting, trying to hit a target on rails. Wouldn’t it be so much better if those dummies came to life and were actually a more realistic test? Well, they can – but there’s a trick to it.

This method has been shared online and in videos but some of the details are regularly missed or inaccurate. So, here, for your pleasure, are the full set of steps so that you can do this each time…

Which platform does this work on?

Any! I’ve not tested it on anything other than the Playstation 4, but I’m reliably informed that this works for all platforms.

What do I need to do?

  1. You’ll need to use a character that can reach high places. I prefer Valkyrie but you could, for example, use Loba.
  2. Once you’ve spawned into the firing range, you start in a cave. The furthest cave to your left from your starting position (which is two entrances along) is where you need to go.
bots fire Apex Legends firing range
  1. Before doing the next step, drop any guns that you have. You can keep ammunition.
  2. Head right into the cave and turn around so that you can see the entrance. Above you is a walk-way. It’s dark so it’s hard to make-out, but you should be able to see the metal glistening slightly.
bots fire Apex Legends firing range
It’s hard to make out here, but the walk way is close to the reticle (the white dot in the centre of the screen
  1. Get up onto the walk-way. In the case of Valkyrie, you can use her jetpack to easily get up.
  2. Once there, move to the centre the walkway, which has a raised section of metal.
bots fire Apex Legends firing range
  1. Now move forward to the front of the walkway and look towards the entrance.
bots fire Apex Legends firing range
  1. Crouch
  2. Look downward as far as you can
  3. Now switch to another Legend

If you did this correctly you should hear a sound effect like clanking metal. The good news – congratulations, you’ve unlocked the bots! The bad news – you no longer have a weapon. Go grab one as quickly as you can.

If this didn’t work, go back over the above instructions – missing any of these or getting them in the wrong order will prevent it from working.

If all else fails, how about a video that walks you through it?

Finally, it’s worth nothing that this only works for the current session – if you exit the firing range, the bots will return back to their usual, static state.

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