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How do I unpair a Bluetooth device from a PlayStation 4?

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For reasons I don’t understand, the Bluetooth connection for my Razer controller on my PS4 Pro stopped working. The simplest solution would be to remove the connection and set it up again. But could I find out how to do it? Well it’s not obvious but, yes, I did work it out.

Whether you need to resolve a technical issue, like me, or simply want to clear up a list of unused devices, it’s useful to be able to unpair a Bluetooth device from your PlayStation 4. Here’s how you do it…

How do I start?

  1. If this is for a controller, as in my example, you’ll need to be using a different one so that you can work your way through the screens – in my case I’m using a standard Sony Dualshock controller.
  1. Head into Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth. Here’s what it looked like for me…
unpair bluetooth device playstation 4

Yes, I do have a Ember heated mug. Don’t at me.

  1. Highlight the Bluetooth device in question and press X. The resulting screen will look a bit like this…
unpair bluetooth device playstation 4
  1. Now press the Options button.
  2. A menu will appear on the right hand-side with just one option – “Forget Device”.
unpair bluetooth device playstation 4
  1. Click X.
  2. You will now be asked to confirm the removal of the device…
unpair bluetooth device playstation 4

8. Highlight “OK” and press X to confirm.

That’s it – the device should now be gone. And, yes, this did work for me – I re-paired my Razer controller quite successfully after this.

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