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Why can’t I log into Dropbox?

Can't log into Dropbox

I’ve spent the past two weeks battling with Dropbox, trying to understand why it won’t let me log in via my web browser. I found a solution, and it may well work for you, but I’m still not exactly happy.

Context: Dropbox would work on my phone without an issue, and the Dropbox app synced fine via the Windows app. But every time I headed to I was met with the proverbial shrug of the shoulders. Computer says no.

I’m sure there are many reasons why this happens to people – for example, that you’ve misremembered your password – but for me one step solved everything: I uninstalled Bitdefender.

I’m not sure what Bitdefender is doing behind the scenes in its no doubt sensible attempts to block malevolent code wreaking havoc on my computer, but Dropbox doesn’t like it. Nor did adding to the list of exclusions in the Bitdefender app. I had to uninstall it, and then worked fine.

It’s a pain as it means I’ve temporarily gone back to Windows Defender for protection, and it doesn’t do as good a job as Bitdefender, but I need access to for my work so I have no choice. Until Bitdefender – or Dropbox – solves the deeper problem, that is.

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