Is VOXI the ideal mobile phone network for your teenager?

If you’re considering possible phone plans for a fussy and, probably, all-data-consuming teenager, it can be a minefield to find a good value option. VOXI, however, have crafted both their network and their plans around pleasing those of this age.

First of all, they include unlimited use of groups of apps, in social media, music and video categories, based on those that younger customers are likely to be using. Secondly, they use a plan system that’s part PAYG and part monthly – there’s no contract here but you pay a fixed amount each month but with the ability to top up if you use all of your data.

Who are VOXI?

Not heard of VOXI? A division of Vodafone, it was started back in 2017 to target a younger audience. Initially, they had an upper age limit which was eventually scrapped in 2019.

Needless to say, it uses the Vodafone network (so if you have a phone locked to Vodafone, this will work just fine).

VOXI Passes

VOXI works by offering a number of plans, offering a different amount of data, but also one or more “passes”, with each pass giving you unlimited data for a selection of popular apps in that specific category.

  • Endless Social Media Pass – Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Pinterest
  • Endless Music Pass – Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music & Napster
  • Endless Video (UK only) – TikTok, YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix
Is VOXI the ideal mobile phone network for your teenager

What are their plans?

Keeping things simple, there are just 4 plans…

  1. The most basic plan, for £10 a month, gives you 8GB of data with the Endless Social Media Pass.
  2. £15 gets you 15GB of data, the Endless Social Media Pass and Endless Video as well.
  3. For £20, you get 45GB along with the benefits of the 15GB plan.
  4. Last of all, at £35 you get totally unlimited data.

Until October 7th those plans will get you 15GB, 30GB and 60GB respectively, instead of those numbers quoted above. For the unlimited data plan, they’re reducing this in price to £30 per month.

What all plans have in common, though are…

  • All plans are 5G ready
  • WiFi & 4G calling
  • Visual voicemail
  • No contract – cancel anytime
  • Endless calls and texts
  • Content controls, allow you to block adult content

You can also top-up your existing plan each month with any of the following…

  • Endless Music Plan – £5
  • Every extra GB of data is about £3, so 1GB is £3, 3GB is £9, 5GB is £15, etc.
  • There are additional extras for international calling and data roaming

What you may notice is an inability to add on the Endless Video, so if you have the basic plan you can’t add this on later.

VOXI Drops

Every month, if you’re quick enough, VOXI gives away free gifts to its customers – from beach towels to free chocolate, these have been varied but never dull. Numbers are often limited, so as soon as the time comes around, get to their site to see what the new drop is!

VOXI also do phones!

Like most networks, VOXI also provide contracts for phones as well so, along with your SIM card you can also pick up a phone – although, unlike the SIM, this is on a contract.

For example, an iPhone 12 can be yours for an additional (so, this is on top of your phone plan) £32 per month, over 30 months. Bundle this with their cheapest SIM plan, and this is £42 p/m. This compares well to the equivalent on rival networks but, as always the case, it may do to shop around.

Downsides to VOXI

The primary downside to VOXI, as I see it, is a lack of information about your account. Three, for example, provide an app where you can monitor data usage, etc., but there is no equivalent here. Even the website, in the case of data use, only tells you how much you’ve used, without giving any kind of breakdown, even across days.

If you plan, as I did, to buy this plan for the teenager in your life and manage it yourself (which is wise, as your bank details will be on the account, after all), then you’re the owner – there’s no concept of managing this for somebody else. So, the above VOXI drops are sent to me, rather than the actual user of the VOXI account. Equally, only I can access and monitor data usage, etc. VOXI could do with a separate admin/user setup and, of course, an app!


I’ve been unable to find something – other than short term special offers – that measures up to the plans offered by VOXI for people needing those unlimited options. Add to that the free goodies every month and a lack of contract and VOXI appears to be the ideal mobile phone network for the teenagers in your life.

Get up to £40 of Amazon vouchers

Until October 10th 2021, if you use the link below and sign up for VOXI, after 2 payments they’ll send you up to £40 in Amazon vouchers (the amount varies depending on the plan that you choose). After this date, you’ll get half this value in vouchers instead.

Note: The link below contains an affiliate link. We may receive a commission for purchases made through this link but there is no way to offer you the above voucher offer without providing this. If you wish to sign up to VOXI without an affiliate link (and the Amazon voucher reward that goes with this), please use this link.

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