MuteMe Mini: is this the mute button that the original MuteMe should have been?

The original MuteMe button was a great idea but suffered with its price, large size and lack of portability. However, the company behind it have learnt from this and developed a follow-up that resolves all of these concerns. May I introduce… the MuteMe Mini.

Housed in a simple USB-A dongle (they say that a USB-C version will be available in due course), looking like a stubby USB memory stick, this does exactly what the full-sized version does but in a much more compact form. The sides illuminate, and you can touch anywhere on it for it to toggle muting (and, like before, you can also use this for push-to-talk or push-to-mute).

MuteMe Mini
Image courtesy of MuteMe LLC

The same software is used, so you can modify the colours, whether it flashes, the flash rate, etc. You can also adjust, for each video conference app supported, how it works – from changing the system level muting to toggling the in-app muting. Oh, and it works on Windows, Mac and Linux too (no mobile options, though). And this version costs just $17 (around £13), with postage costs to the UK of $13 (around £10).

Watch this video to see just how simple it is to use…

Video courtesy of MuteMe LLC

So back to the original question. Is this the mute button that the original MuteMe should have been? Yes. It’s compact and simple and, well, just works. The kicker is that postage price. I’d love to suggest waiting until after the Kickstarter, where you’ll be able to pick it up from Amazon without that hefty extra cost, but the original MuteMe still isn’t available directly in this country. Right now, the cheapest way I can see of getting this is from the current Kickstarter (as the base price will likely rise after this too). If you can justify £23 for this, go for it. It’s a simple device but, in my own experience, very handy to have.

Interested? The MuteMe Mini can be found on Kickstarter right now, until November 15th.

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