How do I change the time on my Sky+ box? (Updated)

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The last Sunday in October has passed by, which means that British Summer Time has ended and we’ve returned to good-old Greenwich Mean Time. But, for some Sky+ box owners, time has stood still.

Why is the time wrong on Sky+ boxes?

A technical issue means that Sky has not been able to change the time on some Sky+ boxes, as it pushes BST/GMT changes out from a central location.

Is this affecting Sky Q boxes?

No – Sky Q appears to be unaffected.

How can I change the time?

You can’t. Your Sky+ box time is kept synchronised from their central servers, which is the bit that isn’t working correctly right now.

Will this affect my recordings?

No. Even if your programme guide is showing everything as an hour out, it will use the same time for recording, which will mean that they will still work just fine.

For most people the only problem they’ll experience is having the wrong time displayed on the screen.

How do I fix this?

Initially, Sky issued the following statement…

We are aware that some customers with Sky+ boxes are seeing British Summer Time shown in the Sky Guide menu following the seasonal clock change. We are investigating this and should be resolved by Thursday 4th November. We have verified that the impact appears limited to the wrong time being shown in the clock. Watching live TV, recordings, and downloading and playing Video On Demand are working correctly. Sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Sky UK – 31st October, 8:29am

However, via the Sky Community forum, they provided an update on Tuesday 2nd…

Sky+HD boxes showing the wrong time will be automatically updated in the early hours of Wednesday and Thursday morning to correct this problem.

We strongly recommend leaving your box to update automatically as this is the simplest way to receive the update.

However, if you would like to update your box sooner, you can follow their manual update instructions.

After the update, your box will be running the new software version R024.092.10.00P. You can check the software version by pressing “SERVICES” on your remote, selecting “Settings”, and navigating to the “Details” tab. You will find the software version next to “Model Number”.

My box hasn’t received the updates

The update was only sent during a specific time period – if your box has missed the opportunity to receive it (e.g. it was switched off or disconnected from the internet), then you will need to perform a manual update.

Follow Sky’s guide on how to update your box manually

Alternatively, this video may help…

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